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Easi-Patio Deck


Assembles using only a screw driver and a hammer in about an hour. This semi-permanent modular deck is ideal for your yard, RV lot, at the lake, condo yards, rental property, deck floor for sheds, gazebos, etc. Larger decks are possible by combining kits.

All the parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, pressure-treated and manufactured ready to assemble. 

  • Each “B” Base kit is 5’7″ x 5′ 7″ in size.
  • Each “S” Sidewalk kit is 2′ 11” X 5′ 7” in size
  • A combination of these deck kits makes many size configurations to suit your needs.
  • All decks are 3″ high

The Easi-Patio Deck is ideal for your yard, especially over broken concrete patios. Simply roll out the prefabricated foundation, shim under the foundation sleeper boards, and install the deck tiles.

The best part of this “Barefoot” ground level deck is that it can be assembled without cutting a single board. The above videos illustrate how easy this is to do.

This “B” Base kit consists of 3 packages weighing about 40 lbs each, which can fit into any vehicle – even one as small as a Mini cooper-size car.

All the parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled and designed to fit together. The 32”x32” deck tiles are prefabricated and attached to the patented foundation system using our patented clip and patented velcro fastening system. The finished surface has no exposed fasteners, and decks are pressure-treated which means they will last a long time and be stain resistant.

For assembly ONLY TWO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED… a screw driver (power screw drill) and a hammer. 


  1. Roll out the foundation that has attached patented landscape mesh and velcro fastening system.
  2. Insert the pre-sized spreader boards to set the overall deck size.
  3. Place the deck tiles on the patented foundation system using the patented clip and velcro fastening system, and complete your deck with the rim boards provided.

The Easi-Patio Deck is designed to be combined. Two or more deck kits can be screwed together to make larger ground-level decks to suit your applications. (See the above videos to see how to create larger decks using our product.)

Call or email to find out how you can get one of these fantastic decks today!


We also have the environment in mind. Easideck is pre-cut and pre-drilled PRIOR to pressure treating the components.  This approach to manufacturing has two benefits…  The first is there are no “pressure treated” cuttings going to the landfills.  The second benefit is that all our deck parts are 100% protected.   That means better value due to the fact that all the surfaces are protected – which means an EasiDeck will last much longer.

Easideck utilizes Wolman® E outdoor wood preservative with BARamine® technology, which is the most advanced copper azole system on the market. This formulation incorporates patented technology that provides enhanced protection against decay organisms, including copper-tolerant fungi, and a deeper and more consistent penetration of preservative in the wood. 

Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood:

  • is ideal for decks, retaining walls, fences, picnic tables, planter boxes, raised garden beds, walkways, sill plate and structural members.
  • can be used for Above Ground, Ground Contact, and Heavy Duty Ground Contact applications.
  • is produced by independent treated wood producers who follow strict quality control standards.

Why Choose Preserved Wood?

“After all, wood is the ultimate sustainable material. Properly harvested, trees grow, get cut down, and are replaced with more trees. Across its life cycle, no building product has lower energy consumption rates. Wood essentially acts as storage for carbon dioxide (even after it is made into construction material), and when recycled as fuel it creates more energy than was used in its production. Plus, people tend to like it.” -Sam Grawe, Editor Dwell Magazine, April 2008

Preserved wood extends forest resources, allowing one tree to do the work of many. In addition to enabling wood to last a long time or resist flames or mold, our brands have all of the environmental and other advantages associated with wood itself. For example, wood:

  • is a renewable resource grown on managed timberlands. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus reducing greenhouse gases.
  • requires less energy to produce than alternative building materials; it is made from sunlight and soil nutrients, rather than fossil fuels.
  • offers greater insulation value than alternatives.
  • is lighter in weight, and can often be installed with lighter equipment which has less environmental impact.

Wood offers excellent workability with common construction skills and tools, plus it provides design flexibility and economy. Wood is generally less costly than alternative building materials and is considered easier to work with, not to mention aesthetically preferable in many applications.



I love it!!

Your deck kits are better than I even hoped. They came to be very square and the colour is even – and they’re really solid!! They look great!

Thanks heaps,

Deb M Kincardine, ON (Sep 2018)

I was finally able to get to the lake and set up the deck. It is awesome….a breeze to set up and it looks wonderful. I am very happy with the deck.

Amanda S Winnipeg, MN (Oct 2018)

I like Easideck products because they are convenient, suitable for the Canadian environment, and easy to assemble.

Stan B Tottenham, ON (Aug 2018)

Wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know that our new deck works awesome at our lake lot. I was so impressed by the way it went together with such little effort.In 45 minutes I was sitting on the deck enjoying the sounds of nature and relaxing. This is one of the best products I have purchased in a long time. I want to thank you and your team for making our time at the lake more enjoyable and relaxing.I’m sending some pictures along with the e-mail for you to share with others.Al T Edmonton, AB (Jun 2017)

With 16 inch on center being a common calculation in construction, the 32 inch tiles are easy to work with when planning on adding a little extra usable space. Converting dead space to usable goes a little quicker with tiles like these. With a few extra cuts and a bit of trim, we were able to do more with it than the original design. Fun and easy stuff to work with for sure.

Natalia P Edmonton, AB (Aug 2016)


I was so impressed with the Easideck product, I combined a few kits and built my entire deck out of it. (OK, I might have skipped the ‘easi’ part by framing and terracing it…).

Love it!

Andrew W Edmonton, AB (Jul 2016)

I take great pride in creating a beautiful and usable yard. Gardening, trimming and mowing too. But when it comes to seating areas on a stylish all wood deck, I would have to wait until I could afford to hire a professional carpenter. My layout ideas limited by my budget and fixed framing and decking. Not anymore! Easideck is truly easy: easi to transport in my car trunk, easi to assemble in no time at all. And if I want to move the deck or better yet make it bigger by adding another Easideck I can!

Genevieve R Waterloo, ON (May 2015)

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