I love it!!

Your deck kits are better than I even hoped. They came to be very square and the colour is even – and they’re really solid!! They look great!

Thanks heaps,

Deb M Kincardine, ON (Sep 2018)

I was finally able to get to the lake and set up the deck. It is awesome….a breeze to set up and it looks wonderful. I am very happy with the deck.

Amanda S Winnipeg, MN (Oct 2018)

I like Easideck products because they are convenient, suitable for the Canadian environment, and easy to assemble.

Stan B Tottenham, ON (Aug 2018)

Wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know that our new deck works awesome at our lake lot. I was so impressed by the way it went together with such little effort.In 45 minutes I was sitting on the deck enjoying the sounds of nature and relaxing. This is one of the best products I have purchased in a long time. I want to thank you and your team for making our time at the lake more enjoyable and relaxing.I’m sending some pictures along with the e-mail for you to share with others.Al T Edmonton, AB (Jun 2017)

With 16 inch on center being a common calculation in construction, the 32 inch tiles are easy to work with when planning on adding a little extra usable space. Converting dead space to usable goes a little quicker with tiles like these. With a few extra cuts and a bit of trim, we were able to do more with it than the original design. Fun and easy stuff to work with for sure.

Natalia P Edmonton, AB (Aug 2016)


I was so impressed with the Easideck product, I combined a few kits and built my entire deck out of it. (OK, I might have skipped the ‘easi’ part by framing and terracing it…).

Love it!

Andrew W Edmonton, AB (Jul 2016)

I take great pride in creating a beautiful and usable yard. Gardening, trimming and mowing too. But when it comes to seating areas on a stylish all wood deck, I would have to wait until I could afford to hire a professional carpenter. My layout ideas limited by my budget and fixed framing and decking. Not anymore! Easideck is truly easy: easi to transport in my car trunk, easi to assemble in no time at all. And if I want to move the deck or better yet make it bigger by adding another Easideck I can!

Genevieve R Waterloo, ON (May 2015)

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