Patio Gazebo Extended Deck Kit – 11’2″ x 14’2″


Patio Gazebo Extended Deck Kit – 11’2″ x 14’2″

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The Gazebo Deck Extended is the upgrade you need for your dream backyard!  Being pressure treated before assembled and after cutting, be confident in the longevity of your new deck.  The Gazebo package consists of four patio deck kits plus two double extension kits, combined to create an 11′ 2” X 14′ 1” deck in size, perfect for your 10′ X 12′ Gazebo!  Our foundation comes with the foundation boards already attached to the landscaping mesh; the base is already pre-set in size, so roll it out and start screwing it together!  You’ll love how easy it is to assemble, with the pressure treated rim boards and deck tile flooring fitting seamlessly, plus since our deck tiles are manufactured upside down as a square 32” by 32” there are no exposed fasteners. You only need a screwdriver and a hammer, so that anyone can put this together.  This deck is all you need, only add furniture, gazebo and cocktails!

– Assembles in minutes, with only two tools

– Floor has no exposed fasteners, only the beauty of wood

– Foundation is pre-set and pre-sized, roll it out and you are on to the next step

– Landscape mess included and attached, no weeds!

– Deck is pressure treated after cutting and drilling, no exposed ends

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