Download The Basic Assembly Instructions Common to All EASIDECK Configurations

Patio Deck Assembly Instructions

Joining Two Decks Assembly Instructions

Assembles using only a screw driver and a hammer in about an hour. This semi-permanent modular deck is ideal for your yard, RV lot, at the lake, condo yards, rental property, deck floor for sheds, gazebos, etc. Larger decks are possible by combining kits.

All the parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, pressure-treated and manufactured ready to assemble.

Each “B” Base kit is 5’7″ x 5′ 7″ in size.
Each “S” Sidewalk kit is 2′ 11” X 5′ 7” in size

A combination of these deck kits makes many size configurations to suit your needs.

All decks are 3″ high

The Easi-Patio Deck is ideal for your yard, especially over broken concrete patios. Simply roll out the prefabricated foundation, shim under the foundation sleeper boards, and install the deck tiles.

The best part of this “Barefoot” ground level deck is that it can be assembled without cutting a single board. The above videos illustrate how easy this is to do.

This “B” Base kit consists of 3 packages weighing about 40 lbs each, which can fit into any vehicle – even one as small as a Mini cooper-size car.

All the parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled and designed to fit together. The 32”x32” deck tiles are prefabricated and attached to the patented foundation system using our patented clip and patented velcro fastening system. The finished surface has no exposed fasteners, and decks are pressure-treated which means they will last a long time and be stain resistant.

Call, email or purchase online to get one of these fantastic decks today!

For assembly ONLY TWO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED… a power drill and a hammer!

  1. Roll out the foundation that has attached patented landscape mesh and velcro fastening system.
  2. Insert the pre-sized spreader boards to set the overall deck size.
  3. Place the deck tiles on the patented foundation system using the patented clip and velcro fastening system, and complete your deck with the rim boards provided. The Easi-Patio Deck is designed to be combined. Two or more deck kits can be screwed together to make larger ground-level decks to suit your applications.